Through The Aperture

The Brio Life presents: Through The Aperture

“I actually associate musical taste with the depth that you’re listening to something versus what you are actually listening to…If you’re not trying to listen in and get those deeper flavors and meanings from the music you are listening to, then maybe I would say your taste is bad or cursory.” – Anthony Fantano, The Needle Drop

For the past year, The Brio Life has strived to connect the beautiful, lush, captivating surroundings we all experience to ways of reaching new levels of musical appreciation: by attentively listening to the depth in sound rather than just hearing the lyrics or melodies fly by. If we can bridge those visual elements we embrace in so affectionately with the languages and ingredients of an organized musical composition, both our auditory and visual perceptions will make the world a more vibrant, nourishing, and inspirational place to thrive.

As British-born philosopher Alan Watts said, “you are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.” As the universe continually expands and accelerates, we too are speeding up our lives, soaking in overloads of information, technology, and much useless knowledge. We focus our eyes on the aperture itself, on that hole in the wall, rather than imagining what sublime beauty can be seen through it.

“Through the Aperture” is an experiment where three musicians and three artists will escape their regular imaginative environments and create work inspired by each other. Rather than simply attaching a generic mood to match the other’s art, they will break down the elements of each’s composition to the most specific terms, languages, and dialects. By doing so, they can better transform the creative process between what we hear and what we see, and in a more direct way.

This project serves to enhance the appreciation of both sounds and visuals by shining light to the creative processes, to understand the modes and methods behind the artist, and engage more deeply with art that deserves to be fully recognized for all of its intentions.

Artists involved:

Vi Pham (Red Bull Music Academy, Absolut Vodka, HW&W) (Germany)
Guillermo Casanova (xxyyxx, Relief in Abstract, Go Dugong) (Florida, US)
Sonny Kay (311, The Mars Volta, Glitch Mob, Rx Bandits) ( Los Angeles, US)

Musicians involved:

Sun Glitters (Luxembourg)
Ta-ku (Australia)
Teen Daze (Canada)



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