Paper Mirrors A Documentary

Paper Mirrors: The Documentary

Paper Mirrors. Music is inherently defined as the organization of sounds, and in an ever-changing culture of technology and acceleration, these sounds have been fleshed for dissection and experimentation. Genres have extended designations, and more realms are being explored than ever. 

There is a beauty to this voyage, and yet, this beauty can be lost when the mass of our generation has access to creating it. Our generation has reached a creative peak in which it seems the notion of music must be stripped completely from the context of sounds, bending concepts and thriving in an atmosphere never before associated with how we perceive music. This documentary strives to take the essence of an artistic concept and duplicate it exactly into the form of another art. ONE artist. ONE musician. To allow creative minds to experiment in an environment never ventured before begins the hunt for the crux of newfound inspiration. And with the gathering of hundreds to witness the process, they are contributors in what is the apex of the captured film. They serve as the fruition of passion and appreciation for one single experience under one roof under one goal: mapping the path of inspiration for timeless existence. 



We find that the creative process is just as important to document as the final product. 

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